Instantly turn CAD & BIM files into virtual experiences and share to any device, anywhere, in seconds.

Fast, easy, high quality visualisation


No need to download or learn new software, upgrade your hardware or acquire specialist skills. Simply upload your files and let Viewr take care of the rest.

Compatible with all common CAD & BIM file formats, with support for more formats added weekly.

Made to share

Turn CAD and BIM files into high quality, interactive and immersive experiences.


Share to any device, anywhere in seconds.

The Process

1. Upload your file

2. View

3. Share


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Experience on any device


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What happens after I register?

Once you've signed up, you will receive an email containing further instructions on how to use Viewr. We will keep you up to date with our progress and you will also be first to know when we release new features.

Who are Viewr?

We are a software startup with big ambitions to transform the way in which the world around us is designed, marketed and sold.

How is Viewr different from other visualisation software?

Viewr is made for everyone to use. That's why unlike other visualisation products, Viewr does not require software downloads, setup processes, expensive hardware or prior visualisation experience. Content creation and rendering is taken care of by Viewrs's cutting-edge visualisation technology.

What about my data?

Your data is private, and we will never distribute your data to third parties.